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Quarterly, Semi-annual, or Annual Subscription 

Marketing research shows that video content and images are the best ways to promote your products and services, offers, and environment.

All people want to see what they like, which is one of the reasons to ensure that you have a professional photo and video content for your social networks, print advertising, and website.


Set up a photo subscription every month

You have a wide range of uses for our company, whether you need headshots, products, interiors, social media, or brand images that build trust. We will find out what is best for you and your business at our meeting.

There are three types of contracts that you can sign up for, and they relate to how many hours you want to have for a photo shoot and the number of sessions.

      Monthly Subscription

  • Light package: 10 hours / $2.700

  • Business package: 27 hours / $6.000

  • Premium package: 52 hours / $10.000


  •  Quarterly Subscription:  5% 

  •  Semi-annual Subscription: 15%

  •  Annual Subscription: 30%

Advantages of registering for a subscription service: 

- Digital storage

- On-location or in-studio shoot

- Monthly payment schedule

- Professionally edited images

- The ability to choose between studio shooting, events, real estate, interview recording, headshots, or      business/personal branded shots.

- At your disposal is a professional studio in the center of Manhattan

- Build a relationship with a photographer who learns about the needs and requirements of your company.

- Mutual business promotion between the client and the photographer

- Keep your website and social media images up to date.

- You will always have a proven professional photographer and videographer on hand.

- Commercial use license for selected images.

- 100% satisfaction guarantee

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