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Corporate Headshots

Why You Need Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots can seem like an expense that's not necessary, especially to a new business that isn't in the black just yet. But these can actually have a major benefit to your business. There are a plethora of ways to use the images, which can help you justify the cost. Although it might not seem like a priority, here are three ways you can use company headshots to your advantage.


Give a Face to Your Business


It's hard to get ahead in a competitive market. More and more, customers want to know who is behind the brand. People are more likely to respond to faces over other types of imagery. When they can see the faces that make up your C-suite and customer service teams, they have a greater trust in your brand and find you to be more authoritative in the marketplace. This will help boost conversions for your marketing efforts without you even realizing it.


Internal Purposes


Even when not seen by the public, professional headshot photos can serve a variety of purposes to your internal teams. Personalized identification badges add to the security of your building and your office. Online benefits portals often have a place to upload an employee's headshot so you can be sure the right information is applied to the right person. They can also be used in email signatures or other internal memos. This will provide a cohesive look to help maintain professionalism in the workplace.


External Purposes


Corporate headshots are most frequently used to show off your business to your audience. In the digital space, you can add these professional headshot photos to your website on an About Our Team page or next to C-suite bios. They can also be used to highlight your staff in social media posts or you can ask them to use the professional shots in their LinkedIn profile photos. In print, you can use company headshots in brochures, newspapers, or signage. Used externally, company headshots also help to show off your brand's personality, further separating you from the competition and letting your audience know what makes you unique and special.


Get on Our Calendar!


Spots are filling up quickly so get your session on the books now so you can have professional headshot photos delivered to you soon! Call us today at 347-858-5857 or send an email online. We can discuss exactly what you're looking for and how we can best serve you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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