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Medical Photography

The Do's and Don'ts of Medical Photography

Working in a doctor's office is a great responsibility. Your patients are typically feeling vulnerable and nervous, and it's your job to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. One way to do this, before you even meet them, is with a professional medical portrait displayed on your website. This helps build trust with your patients and shows that you are an authority in the industry.


But there are also some things to watch out for when completing a medical photography session. Here are our top do's and don'ts to keep an eye on during your photoshoot.


The Do's


  • Include a medical portrait of all your staff on an About Us page on your website. Of course you'll want to include the major doctors at your practice, but don't forget to include the nurses and front office staff. Since these individuals are the first point of contact for your patients, it's important for them to see their faces.

  • Include your equipment. Show off the latest technology so your patients know that you're providing the best care. Of course, the patients might not completely understand what the image is showing, so helpful captions can provide this information.

  • Include photos of exam rooms. Many patients will have anxiety about visiting the doctor. By showing them photos of your exam rooms, you can help alleviate some fear.


The Don'ts


  • Many businesses can show pictures of their staff interacting with customers, but this isn't possible in the medical field. You want to maintain patient confidentiality so unfortunately, we'll have to exclude these shots.

  • It's also common to show staff working at their computers. Since so much of a patient's information is held on your network, any portraits that include computers or other devices will have to use a black screen.

  • Similarly, if you have paper records either on a shelving system or in a filing cabinet, we'll want to keep those closed or covered to prevent the spread of patient information. It can be scary how easily strangers can zoom in and enhance images with today's technology!


Visit Our Portrait Studio


If you have any concerns about hosting the medical photography session in your office, and are looking for a portrait studio near me, you are of course always welcome to visit us instead. We are conveniently located in downtown Manhattan, just one block away from the Empire State Building. Give us a call at 347-858-5857 or contact us online to book your session. We look forward to helping you and your practice look your best!

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