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Professional Headshot Photographer

How to Prepare for Professional Business Headshots

The day has finally come to have your professional business headshots taken! You might be excited, but you might also be nervous. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you don't know what to expect. At Das Werden Studio, we've seen and done it all, so no matter how you're feeling, we're here to help.


When people make an appointment with a professional headshot photographer, they often aren't quite sure about what to expect. Today, we're discussing how to prepare for your photoshoot so that you can come in relaxed and get the best portraits possible!


Hair & Makeup


Some people want their portraits to express how they look in their everyday life on the job. Others want to enhance their typical look, since they'll be using this image all over the internet. However you want to look, we can help! We have a professional hair and makeup team on staff to ensure you look your best, no matter what that look may be!


Outfit Choices


Depending on how serious or casual you want to look, your outfit choices may change. Lawyers tend to want to wear their suits in the portraits so that they look professional. Doctors typically wear their scrubs or jacket so that potential patients know what to expect when they meet in person. Other business professionals often wear office-appropriate clothing, whether that's business casual or business professional. Whatever makes you most comfortable is the right choice!


How to Pose


Many of our clients feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially when we first get started together. We can guide you on how to hold your hands or where to point your gaze in order to help you loosen up. We find that the more comfortable you are, the better the portraits will look when complete. Let us know what look you're going for, and we can help you achieve it.


Which Backdrops to Choose


In our studio, we offer a variety of potential backdrops to suit your business and the tone you want to portray. From an all white background, to a colorful art print, to a bookcase or conference table, we can suit any need. Of course, we can also travel to your location and use your actual office in our professional business headshots.


Book a Professional Headshot Photographer Today!


If you've been looking for photography companies near me, look no further than Das Werden studio. Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, we are nearby you, wherever you are! Contact us today to learn more about our photography services and schedule your session. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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