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Green Screen Studio

Our green screen studio presents a large seamless screen that is installed on a cyclorama. High ceilings allow you to place the lighting high above the green background, which allows you to evenly illuminate the background. Also, the location of the contour light sources high above the model allows you to avoid oncoming glare and reflections in the camera. You can build excellent lighting models that will be easily separated from the green background in post-production. The sound insulation of the studio will allow you to record high-quality sound without overwriting and distracting the extraneous noises of the street and neighbors. Our studio has all the conditions for high-quality Green screening.

Green Screen

Green Screen

Photo from the shoot

Photo from the shoot

Green Screen

Green Screen

Green Screen

Green Screen

Every director or blogger wants to make unreal shots, but most require a lot of free space, people, money and other small things. In such cases, modern technologies come to the rescue, which will help with small financial costs to make an incredible picture.

Green Screening & VFX 

The video example shows how to conduct a Greenin screening on a model. In the first step, we shot the models on a green background. In the second step of the video, the engineer separated the Green background from the model, then VFX effects were added. The last step of the footage was rendered and recorded in one file.

You can order a green screen shooting and subsequent post-production at our company.

We will give you an approximate estimate of the shooting by personnel and equipment on the shooting day.

Full day Shooting in the studio:

Team: Cameraman, Gaffer guy, Sound engineer. 

Equipment: Camera, Light equipment, Sound equipment.

Approximate cost: $4000

Post-production is calculated separately.

You can also book a studio and come to the shoot with your team. We will install a green screen for you.

Recommendation for studio shooting with a green screen.

One of the main requirements for obtaining a high-quality image is properly placed lighting. Chromakey is particularly dependent on light. It should be illuminated evenly, with diffused light. For a good picture quality, the chromakey should not be heavily illuminated or, conversely, under-illuminated. All lighting problems will turn into video processing problems in post-production.

Top view

The choice of lighting depends on the scene or object being shot, so for shooting people or individual objects, the best choice would be a contour light, which implies the location of the shooting object between the light source and the camera. Such light helps to qualitatively separate the actor or object from the chromakey.

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