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Recording a podcast in our studio

Here’s our team: cameraman, sound engineer, IT engineer, stream director, stage and lighting designer, makeup artist. We are constantly shooting in our studio and we do know the best way to present your material. We can offer several options that will determine the budget and quality level of your project. The central budget unit is the choice of camera, we suggest choosing between Sony A7S III, Blackmagic CC 6K Pro , and Red cameras.

DWS offers all media production services, video and audio post-production, motion graphics, visual effects, augmented reality, art direction, animation.

To start with, have a look at five basic questions we will discuss during your first call or you can just send us an email - we will get back to you ASAP.

Our work can be divided into several parts:

1st part:

1. Receiving Preliminary Form from you

2. We will suggest a list of equipment and explain what team is needed to complete the task

3. Optimization and discussion

2nd part:

4. Booking a studio and coordinating filming with the team.

5. Shooting day: Preparing the set (3 hours), Shooting process, Disassembling the set (1 hour)

6. Uploading material to a cloud or a hard drive

3rd part:

7. Technical specification for video editing.

8. Screening of the first cut

9. Customer sends approval of corrections made

10. Screening of the final cut

11. Receiving final approval

12. Materials delivery

Basic list of equipment:

Choice of cameras:

- Sony A7S III (with a set of lenses)

- Blackmagic CC 6K Pro (with a set of lenses)

- Red Digital Cinema DSMC2 DRAGON-X (with a set of lenses)


- Sennheiser EW 112P G4

- Sennheiser MD 46 - Dynamic ENG Microphone


Camera Tripod, Slider, Control Monitors

Lighting gear:

5 ETC Source Four 750W 

2 Aputure LS 600

2 Aputure LS 300

3 Led light Godox SL Series SL200 II 200W 

1 Projector Optoma ZH406ST Short Throw Laser Projector

7 C-Stand/Roller stand5 V-Flat

We have developed several packages of recording for you.

You can choose one of the presented packages that fit your project. We will discuss the details later, adjust the time, personnel and equipment.

Packages are calculated taking into consideration the use of Sony cameras.

Kofi Hayford

Kofi Hayford

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