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Studio Policy 2023

The Gatsby Studio renting rules.


Quick Rules:

  • Do not use gafro tape in the studio

  • Do not sit on tables

  • Do not bring pets

  • Do not use body oil

  • Do not use glitter and loose sequins

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol

  • Do not stand on the bend of the cyclorama do

  • Do not shoot pornography

  • Do not take food and open drinks on the stage room 

  • Candles only by admin agreement

  • When leaving the studio, you must provide the studio in

       the same condition as before the shooting.

If you book the studio, you automatically agree to all the rules of the studio.

An additional fee may be charged for violating the rules.

Full Rules:

The studio rent must be paid before the shooting.

If you cancel your shoot or event, which you have already paid for, it has to be done more than fourteen days in advance. If the refund request is sent in more than 14 days ahead, you are eligible for a 100% refund. If you send in the request less than 14, but more than 7 days in advance, you are eligible for a 50% refund. In case of a cancellation less than a week in advance, there will not be a refund, however, if you do it no later than 96 hours (5 days) in advance, you can choose a different day for your booking slot, provided that it is free.


Be attentive! Plan your shooting or event carefully! 

Rules of working in the Studio: 

1. We work upon request, including nighttime. 24/7 365.

​2. The studio rental time starts from the moment of the booked hour and ends when you leave the Studio.

3. In case if you are late the time shall not be extended.

4. The shooting time shall be counted at the time booked. You are required to leave the shooting room on time: right at the time till which it was booked in order that the administrator could prepare the room for the next tenants. After shooting you have to take away the trash and brush up the room. For every 5 minute of delay you shall be fined $25. If you leave the Studio earlier, you shall not be reimbursed for the time not being used. 

If you don’t have enough time to pick your stuff and there is no booking after your we give you 5 minutes more. After these 5 minutes, you shall pay for the hourly renewal.

5. Minimum rental time of the Studio is 2 hours. If there are no slots booked after you can renew the lease time hourly.

6. The models working on the background must wear clean pairs of shoes or protective covers for work on the cyclorama.

7. Photographing any animal should be agreed in advance with the administrator and will be charged $40 per animal.

8. The maximum number of persons in the shooting room is 10. If there are 10-15 persons, the hourly rate is doubled; 15-20 persons, the hourly rate is tripled, and so on.

9. All the equipment in the Studio works properly. If you notice a malfunction you must inform the administrator. If you fail to notify the administrator, you will be liable for the equipment’s malfunction. Before shooting please check with the administrator each unit you will use.

10. In Studio it is FORBIDDEN: to smoke, drink alcohol, have sex, be naked in front of persons under age, use an open flame (burn candles, without consent) use e-cigarettes without approval, use of paint, body oils, powder, glitter, confetti, and other mixtures which can spoil and contaminate floors without approval, move the Studio’s furniture and other items out of its premises, damage the Studio’s property, behave indecently, bless out and cause inconvenience to the administrator, other tenants and visitors. These each carries a violation and a fine of $250.

11. In case of violation of clause 11 the Administration of the Studio reserves the right to remove the offender from the territory of the Studio without refund of the paid time.

12. In case of the Studio’s property damage, the tenant is obliged to reimburse the cost of the damage at the site. If the tenant has no money to repair the damage at the site, he is required to leave a deposit equivalent to the damage (personal camera, lens and so on). For shoots longer than 8 hours a COI (Certificate of Insurance) is required.

13. After the shooting the rented room needs to be cleaned up. Leave no trace. All the props must be submitted to the administrator. If there are other tenants waiting after you, you must throw away all the garbage left after the shooting (shooting with the use of feathers, snow, hay, confetti, etc.) before the rental time ends. If there are no tenants, and you do not want to brush up by yourself - we have the cleaning staff; the rate for garbage collection is $150.

14. The administrator warns about the end of the rental time 10 minutes in advance and in 5 minutes comes into the room to assist in cleaning up.

15. The items left in the Studio shall be kept during a week from the moment you left the Studio. After the end of the week they can be used as props or thrown in the trash.

16. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility.

17. No equipment or large suitcases, cases, wires, tri-pods, boxes or any “heavy items” are allowed in the passenger elevators. An immediate fine of $500 will be charged for violating this policy. Freight elevators are at no cost M-F from 8am-5:30pm. For evenings, holidays and weekends the freight cost is $150 per hour.

18. If you need to leave the equipment overnight, this storage service will cost $ 150

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