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Model tests are a set of pictures reflecting the type of model, the ability to pose, revealing the potential of the model. Model tests are shot without flashy accessories, makeup is natural, clothes are simple and minimalistic without a pronounced style. Unlike a model portfolio, when shooting model tests, the model should look as natural as possible.
Personal Package: "Snapshot"
Total: $250
Personal Package: "Studio Light"

"Studio Light"

  • Individual photoshoot

  • Snapshot

  • Up to 30 min shoot

  • In studio shoot

  • 2 outfit

  • Unlimited usage rights

  • 6 high end retouched picture

  • Medium Format Photo Camera

  • Image resolution 11648 × 8736

Total: $400

Personal Package: "Studio Pro"
NU_InstaProj_1080x1350_Polina Khotch_1.jpg


"Studio Pro"

  • Individual photoshoot

  • Snapshot

  • Up to 2 hour shoot

  • 10 high end retouched photos

  • Fast turnaround time

  • In studio shoot

  • Up to 3 outfits

  • Unlimited usage rights

  • Medium Format Photo Camera

  • Image resolution 11648 × 8736

Total: $600


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Photo Gallery

Tests are a mandatory component of the model book for both novice and professional models. Such photos are equally important for women, men and children working in the fashion industry. The images are necessary for agencies and individual customers to select a model and evaluate its abilities. Correctly performed tests allow you to present a person in the right image and invite only suitable candidates to the casting.


Features of a good model test


Relevance. If you have seriously changed your image (for example, cut your hair), got a piercing, tattoo and other features of appearance – this is a good reason to make new model tests to update the beech.

At least 3 simple images. With the help of several sets of clothes and varying degrees of nudity, you can create a fairly diverse photo shoot.

Correct framing. Usually, 10-15 of the most successful shots are selected, among which there must necessarily be large (portrait), medium (waist-high) and large (full-length) plans. Experienced photographers, endowed with their own artistic vision, can build a frame in a non-standard way to emphasize the beauty and individuality of the model.

Minimalism. Light natural makeup, gathered in a bun or loose hair (without curling and other tricks), extremely simple outfits, laconic background – that's what is characteristic of the correct model test.

Lack of plot. The test should not turn into a story, remaining a set of the most diverse frames.


Universal and profile tests


The universal option includes shots in tight-fitting and looser clothes, underwear, etc. Such tests are equally in demand precisely because of their versatility. But if the model has excellent external data for showing underwear or specializes in a specific topic (sports, business), this dictates the conditions for choosing clothes, working as a photographer.


Choosing clothes for tests


The rules for creating model tests dictate the need to use concise clothing that is "not tied to a specific style and time." These are usually bodysuits, simple blouses, leggings, shorts, jeans, and T-shirts for girls. Guys can use casual trousers and breeches, T-shirts, and shirts. Regardless of gender, you should choose plain linen with a minimalistic cut.


The optimal choice of clothes depends on the specifics of the shooting and the general style of the model (feminine, brutal, unisex, etc.). In general, even beginners will be able to choose a wardrobe for shooting on their own.

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