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Recording interviews or podcasts in our studio

Professional audiovisual content is created here. We shoot video interviews and video courses with a picture and sound that will make the right impression on the audience.

Here’s our team: cameraman, sound engineer, stage and lighting designer, makeup artist. We are constantly shooting in our studio and we do know the best way to present your material. We can offer several options that will determine the budget and quality level of your project. The central budget unit is the choice of camera, we suggest choosing between Sony A7S III, Blackmagic CC 6K Pro , and Red cameras.

Video Photo Studio offers all media production services, video and audio post-production, motion graphics, visual effects, augmented reality, art direction, animation.


We have developed several packages of recording for you.

You can choose one of the presented packages that fit your project. We will discuss the details later, adjust the time, personnel and equipment.

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37 West 26th st. NYC, NY 10010


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Useful information about working in the studio from the blog

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