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10 differences between corporate and promotional videos.

Updated: Apr 7

People who are far from the sphere of professional video creation believe that describing this process is a waste of time. After all, everything is extremely simple: you shoot an object with a camera (available even in your phone), mount it in any of the numerous free applications and voila - the video is ready to upload to YouTube.

10 Differences between corporate and promotional videos.

A corporate film is a video in which the company, the range of products, services offered, and opportunities are presented. The footage can be any. The commercial always has one specific purpose and differs in a small format.

Next, we will take a closer look at other differences between these two types of videos and figure out in which cases it is worth giving preference to a half-hour movie, and when it is better to order a 20-second advertisement.

Promotional video shooting


The promo video lasts 10-60 minutes. This is an informational film, the task of which is to present the company, to present the goods and services offered by the company to the audience.

The duration of the ad is 25-200 seconds. The main purpose of this short film is to introduce the audience to a specific product, stimulate potential customers to purchase goods, order services, participate in the current promotion, or any other action.

Square footage

Corporate films are usually shown at exhibitions, seminars, presentations. They are viewed slowly, so even with a certain time limit, such a video has a sufficient duration to achieve the information goals set.

The promotional video is always short. Viewers are reluctant to watch ads, more often they get to it by accident and concentrate on one or two commercials for just a couple of seconds. During this short period of time, it is necessary to have time to inform the viewer about the most important things, to interest him, to encourage him to act.

Lecture hall

Corporate videos are filmed and shown to a certain audience. These can be company employees, partners, investors, potential customers, large and regular customers.

Advertising is designed for a mass audience and should be extremely clear to viewers of all categories.


A corporate video often contains highly specialized information. It is designed for people who are familiar with the topic.

In an advertising clip, any information should be presented so that everyone can immediately understand the essence and benefits of the offer, why it is necessary to buy the advertised product, where to do it.

Submission style

Promovideo is usually presented in a standard informational style, which fully corresponds to the tasks set.

Advertising should provide information in a concise, clearly formulated, easy-to-understand form.


The corporate film is shot in order to attract investors, increase the trust of customers/ buyers, rally and motivate the team, and give answers to the most frequent questions of the target audience.

Video advertising should increase sales, attract new customers.



When shooting corporate videos, preference is given to documentary scenes, but in order to increase visibility, they can be supplemented with staged episodes.

Almost all advertising is staged. Actors are invited to the shooting, special decorations are created. An idyllic entourage is necessary for a positive impact on the audience.


A promo video can cover only one fact, an event from the life of the company, but you can shoot such a video for a long time, even for several years. It is only important that the proposed information does not cease to be relevant.

The relevance of the promotional video is a maximum of a couple of months. Then the viewer just forgets about him. It is necessary to achieve the set goals in this short period of time, to recoup advertising costs by increasing sales of the advertised product.


Creating a corporate film requires quite a lot of expenses, taking into account the format, style of presentation, footage. However, these costs can be recouped by gradually achieving the goals set by the company.

The cost of creating a short commercial is significantly lower. But in some cases, advertising turns out to be even more expensive than a corporate video, for example, if professional tricks, 3D animation are used in the clip.


Corporate video is not intended to sell something specific, it only helps to increase sales, business development. The film tells about the company, demonstrates its success, production capacity, capabilities, etc. The effectiveness of such a video can be evaluated only after a certain period of time.

Each promotional video is aimed at achieving a specific goal: to sell a product, to stimulate customers to the action required by the customer. There are no detailed comments, immersion in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is much easier to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising: you need the number of orders/purchases since the beginning of the ad display divided by the number of broadcasts. You can also calculate how much it costs to attract one client.

Corporate film

Shooting and editing a video clip, as well as graphics, are the main stages on which the price will depend. The higher the budget, the more progressive the equipment and lighting can be used. The higher the realism and complexity of the schedule you can afford. But to be fair, it should be said that some tasks, such as your corporate blog or a video report from a presentation, do not require top–level cinema equipment. We are happy to offer all the necessary equipment and consumables for shooting your videos.

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