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How do you measure an item in a photo?

There is no formula for judging whether a photograph is successful. We all risk "wishful thinking" in our work, reading in images the things we want to find out and recalling the difficulties encountered when shooting rather than evaluating the result as it presents itself.

Perhaps the easiest thing to judge is the technical quality, although even here «good» or «bad» can depend on what best serves the ambiance and atmosphere of your image.

Most commercial photographs can be judged on how they fulfill their purpose because they are in the field of communications. For instance, a poster or magazine cover should be striking and give its message quickly. But many of these images, while smart, are superficial.

And shortly forgotten. There is much to say about other kinds of photography where ambiguity and strangeness challenge you, allowing you to continue to discover something new. This does not mean that you must love everything quirky and obscure, but by looking, you should be able to develop your ability to critically analyze.

Responses to photography also change over time. Live with your image for some time (have a pinboard wall display at home), otherwise, you'll keep thinking that your last job is still.

The best. In the same way, it is a mistake to submit to the popular tendency of today.

It is best to develop the strength of your perspectives and abilities until they get attention for what they are. Just remember that while people say they want to see new ideas and approaches, they always tend to judge them based on yesterday's accepted norms.

A lot of professional photography is sponsored, commercialized art in which success can be measured financially. Personal projects enable the most daring and forward-thinking photographers to voice their concerns and concerns. Another path is that of the academic who is authorized by his institution to pursue his practice, normally called research, in addition to his duties of teaching and administration. Like other artists, they can also be supported through grants and funding from various award organizations, which is another way of measuring success. Artistic success is then measured in terms of pleasure and stimulation of the shooting, and satisfaction with the outcome.

The awards come as full-fledged work or are displayed on a gallery wall. Expounding that way often fuels trade missions as well. One can therefore measure the actual success.

Being when you do your own self-expression thing, but also seeing that people flock to your door to engage and purchase that very photograph.

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