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Preparation for shooting video pre-production.

As well as we prepare for the shooting, the result will be so good. Without this, the filming process will be like a chaotic running around, everyone will argue and quarrel. No one will ever understand where, when, whom, how and what will need to be removed.

Preparation for shooting video pre-production.

It is quite natural and quite important to prepare for filming, this stage should not be missed in any way when creating absolutely any video. Speaking professionally, this action was called "Pre-production". Preparing for filming is sometimes difficult. It takes a lot of time. And most customers want the video to be made as quickly as possible. Is it worth trying to shoot videos without this stage? In fact, it is impossible. And soon you will understand why.

What does pre-production consist of?

Pre-production consists of a range of different actions that are aimed at coordinating and approving the project. All actions should go in chronological order. For example, you won't be able to start looking for locations without first selecting a script. Let's start analyzing the sequence that we usually work with.

Technical specification

The terms of Reference is a document where the client describes the task in detail. For example, it is important to know what type of video is needed, what kind of task the video faces, genre features, target audience features, and other details.

Choosing a concept

As soon as we receive the terms of reference, we begin the analysis, and then we often arrange a so-called "brainstorming". Then we select the three best ideas. And then we are engaged in inventing a story.

It is important to think through the concept, which is a short scenario. We compose several concepts at once. It is very difficult to produce a script without a concept.

The script for the video

Creating a script

After creating the concept, you need to work out the script. The script must be written in a format that any specialist from the video and film industry will understand. As soon as this stage is completed, some information will become known:

  • How many actors are needed, their gender and age.

  • Which locations to choose.

  • Approximate timing of the video.

  • Who from the group we will need for filming, as well as the approximate number of working shifts.

If you know these facts, you can already sketch out an approximate price for creating a video. The script is perhaps the main document for the production of products. All members of the film crew must adhere to the script.

What is an animatic, as well as a storyboard?

When the script itself is completely ready, the following question remains on the agenda anyway: how at least approximately the video will look. To at least roughly imagine this, you need to make a storyboard, as well as an animatic.

The so–called storyboard is an image of the required objects in chronological order in the frame. In some ways, the result will be similar to a comic book.

But the animatic is already a whole video. In it, the storyboard should already be animated. Specialists can already impose rough music, some sounds, possibly subtitles on it. With the help of an animatic, it is already possible to imagine the final result.

Locations for filming

Shooting locations – locations

Locations need to be selected based on the script. The video can be shot both outdoors and indoors. There is such a specialist as a location manager, he is engaged in the search for locations, negotiates with people if you need a lease. Then they do the usual photography. The director already gets the opportunity to arrange the actors, the light, and also pick up the angles at least in his mind.


We always look for actors not from the working group, but specifically for the project we are working on. For each role there must be at least one actor who is suitable for age and role. There is a so-called casting manager for such work. He must also collect and save the profiles of the actors.

If possible, a meeting should be held where everyone will get acquainted. It is necessary to talk to the actors, tell them about the work ahead. Without this item, it will be very difficult to organize the work.

We draw up a contract

As a result, it is necessary to fix all agreements on paper. This will be the contract. After the contract with the client is signed, he will have to make an advance payment, and then you can start working on the project. You can't do without prepayment, since it will cover the expenses that are needed for filming. You need to spend some time on all this.


The preparation for the shooting of the video will be completed when the shooting is planned in detail. In a special document, we describe what kind of shooting day awaits us, what we will prepare from the script on this day, where and at what time we are all going, who is doing what, what props will be, what kind of equipment we will use, what costumes and makeup we will use, and more.

We hand over the planning document to each member of the film crew. Everyone should read it and get ready for the process.

What can happen without pre-production?

As well as we prepare for the shooting, the result will be so good. Without this, the filming process will be like a chaotic running around, everyone will argue and quarrel. No one will ever understand where, when, whom, how and what will need to be removed.

As they say, without preparation for action, there will be no action itself.

We hope that by now you understand well what pre-production is, that it is very important. You also know what awaits people on the set without these stages. Moreover, there should be enough time for this process. Only in this case there will be guarantees.

The result that the viewer sees on the screen is created by dozens and hundreds of people. As in any other field, there are its own peculiarities and secrets.

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