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What are creative photography techniques?

With technical knowledge and hands-on experience (which results from taking many photos in various conditions) you gradually develop skills that become second nature. It's like figuring out how to drive. First, you should consciously learn how to use a car mechanically. Then this side of things gets so familiar that you increasingly focus on what you want to accomplish with the machinery, getting from A to B. Whether you work chemically or digitally, photography involves you in a range of additional skills.

Having the ability to communicate your ideas to an audience is like getting from A to B and there are some skills you need to learn to do so interestingly and successfully.

There are defined routines where consistency is everything, for example, film or paper processing, especially in color, and the disciplines of capturing and recording digital image files.

Coherence in your picture-making, both technically and conceptually, will help in the development of your style.

There are also steps where creative decisions need to be made, and where many choices and variations are possible.

This includes organizing your subject, lighting, and camera manipulation, as well as editing and printing the artwork.

As a photographer, you will need to manage and make those decisions yourself, or at least steer them tightly.

With more confidence in achieving results, you will find that you can devote more time to the development of ideas and content as well as the improvement of image creation problems such as composition, and the capture of expressions and actions that differ each time and that do not have routine solutions.

However, you should always keep yourself updated by looking at the work of other new and contemporary photographers and discovering new processes and equipment as they appear.

You should discover the new visual opportunities they offer that could help your photograph, but not slavishly following fashion for the sake of it.

Technical routines and creative choices provide a good basis for what may be the greatest challenge of photography: how to produce images that have interesting content and significance.

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