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What is studio photography?

In its real sense, studio photography is done inside, in a managed setting where the photographer has total control over all the elements that enter into the creation of a photograph.

Studio photography is used to photograph a wide variety of subjects, including persons, animals and a wide variety of products, from automobiles to jewelry.

A photo studio generally begins as an empty space, which means just an empty room.

The photographer will then develop background paintings and decide what should be included and excluded from the photo, like costumes for models and accessories.

The main difference between studio photography and localization is that the studio photographer is able to control all aspects of shooting.

On the spot, the photograph may be taken inside or outside.

While shooting outdoors, the photographer must face wind, rain and variable light conditions.

When shooting indoors, the photographer may be faced with imperfect lighting and distracting background objects.

During filming on site, the photographer should bring some of the elements of the "studio" to the place.

Although this may help to provide the location with a more professional atmosphere, It is virtually impossible to set up a localization shot that will fit the ideal conditions in a correctly configured studio.

However, during filming in the controlled environment of a studio, the photographer has the ultimate control over all aspects of creating the perfect photo, including the installation of the perfect lighting system.

Studio photography will use a variety of media of various kinds.

These will consist of a simple monochrome background for portrait shots and a complex background that simulates exterior scenes,

as a busy beach or street, to give the impression that the photograph was taken on site.

Specialized clothing and accessories for patterns are commonly used and accessories can be anything from a clean suit to a period to a pair of reading glasses.

Lighting is the lifeblood of good studio photography, and not all the best models, costumes and accessories will compensate for mediocre lighting.

Lighting requirements may vary considerably depending on the type of camera, whether the holder is film or digital, the height and type of the subjects, the complexion of the models, the colour of the garment and whether the photograph is a portrait, still life or a specialized fashion photograph.

In studio photography, the location and color of the illumination are essential to obtain the desired appearance.

In some cases, the photographer may want to create a dramatic shot in a strategic manner.-shadows placed, whereas for other shots, like photographing a product like a diamond ring for a publicity campaign, The photographer will arrange the lighting in such a way that there are no shadows at all.

The cost of a professional studio photography session can range from a few books for a simple portrait to ten thousand for a high-tech publicity campaign.

The high prices that some shoots order have not taken place overnight, In order to really understand what studio photography is today, it is imperative to understand its story.

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