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What is The art marketplace?

The marketplace for photography in the art world is a relatively recent phenomenon in Britain whereas, in the USA, photography has been accepted as saleable art for many more years. New markets for the sale of photographs as art are opening up in India and China and are expected to expand in other parts of the world soon.

Getting your work into this arena is not easy and there are different ways of approaching galleries:

  • Send them a curriculum vitae together with a digitally printed set of images with introductory text – this could be bound simply with spiral binding or, better still, in a smarter folder.

  • Make sure you send them updates on all new developments in your work – invitations to exhibitions, etc. Draw their attention to your website.

  • A personal approach is feasible with some of the smaller galleries but the larger, better-known galleries generally prefer to spot their talent.

  • A visit to Photo London or Paris Photo where all the galleries show and sell their work (both happen once a year) will allow you to take in the range of galleries and the type of artists and photographers that they represent.

If you are successful in organizing an exhibition of your work there are many things that you need to consider including the size of the images, how they will be presented and hung, publicity for the exhibition, and organizing the opening night (preview or private view).

Size is particularly important when working towards an exhibition, as this is the one

time and place where you do have space to work with.

You should take time to examine the space and think about the color of the walls (white cubes are not always the best!), leaving space around the images, the importance of titles and information about the work, and how this should also look good on the wall. There are exhibiting trends and you should not necessarily follow these; most importantly, you should consider what is the best for your photographs in the space you are exhibiting in.

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