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What is the preparation for your photo opportunity: the beauty checklist

When you do your portrait, there are five areas in which a bit of advanced preparation can make a huge difference. Neglecting them, and an otherwise perfect image could find itself with distracting elements that distract attention from where it should be. The five domains are Face, Hair, Hands, Skin, and Garments. The week before filming is a planning moment. Decide on the outfits, choose the beautifying steps you're going to take, and schedule the appointments (even if they're just with yourself). Remember, these tips are there to help you think of ideas for preparing your shot, but are certainly not necessary, or even necessary for anyone. Just choose what fits your budget, lifestyle, and present-day beauty diet, and go for it!


Whiten Teeth. Crest sells white stripes that bleach in a week or less for a rapid increase in whiteness. I mean, dentists can bleach their teeth, too. Many even do it for free for new clients. If you have to do some housework, you might consider doing everything.

Don’t Pick. A button is very easy to cover with makeup, but scabs, injuries, and puff sheets are more difficult. When you're ready, stop scratching your skin. If you're like me and you scratch every hump and every snowflake on your face, it's time to get the big guns out. Do whatever it takes. Stop checking your face less than two feet from the mirror. If you get distracted while doing something else, try wearing bandages on your fingers. Choose a few with a very impertinent impression, like Barbie or Dora the Explorer.

Exfoliate. A pleasant and soothing session with a granular scrub on the face and body is a forgiving way to spend a night. Plan to exfoliate a few times before your appointment, but make sure to allow a few days between "treatments", and a few days after the last film before your shooting.

Get a Facial. If you want to pamper yourself, make sure to do your facial at least a week before your shot. Since facial treatments tend to cause redness, a week usually gives you plenty of time to heal. For those of us with a budget, a face at home with a sticky and fluorescent mask is always an entertaining alternative to a night in the city. Add a tasty book and recharge your mind. Repeat where appropriate.

Wax Eyebrows. If you choose to have your eyebrows waxed or strung, make sure to book the appointment for at least a few days before your photo shoot. Otherwise, a correction/touch-up of the eyebrows at home might be made a day or two before shooting.


Touch Up Your Roots. If you are dyeing your hair, retouching your regrowth three days before your photoshoot is perfect. Follow my advice: now is not the time for radical change. Trust me.

Get a Trim. Clean, healthy hair is young and energetic. Even a subtle haircut can make all the difference if it's been a long time since your last haircut.

Deep Condition. Your living room can do a professional conditioning treatment, or you can use your preferred deep conditioner or protein pack at home. Put it on with that sticky mask. Wrap your head around it. Wearing harem pants and pretending you're some kind of genius while you're marinating. Or read a book. Your call.


Get a Manicure. While you're at it, throw your pedicure. If you're having a hard time with your manicures, book the manicure/pedicure for the night before your session. Minimalists can stick with crisp and clear nails. Smooth and neutral colors work well for the fingertips. Toes can be all right with any color.

Cleanse your wedding ring. The use of a toothbrush and toothpaste is an excellent everyday way to clean your jewelry, but most professional jewelers have Sonic cleansers that make it shine like the day it was born. A lot of people are even going to clean your ring for free. Especially if you go back to the jeweler you got it from. If you haven't done your last professional cleaning in a while, grab the ring now. If you have stones in your background, they can be shaken, it is therefore a good idea to allow a few days if the goldsmith needs to re-adjust everything. If practical, have it cleaned up the night before your session. Or you could use the old brush method the night before. Or even stop wearing it from cleaning to filming. You can't leave him in the house!


Wax or Shave. If you go the route of depilation, give yourself a few days to heal before your filming. Shaving may take place the day before.

Make sure you have your legs and armpits, and if you'll be wearing a bathing suit or underwear, opt for the bikini.

Spray Tan. If you usually have a false glow, get a powdered tan a few days before your session.

Remember that while Photoshop may hide a multitude of sins, you will enjoy knowing that your photos have captured your most perfect self. Ultimately, there are certain things that no amount of preparation can change, (and perhaps you wouldn't). Some examples are birthday marks or scars. Some people think that these marks are part of what we are, whereas others would prefer to have them "photoshopped" away. Which is right? Whatever you want. This is your face, your body, your photographs.


Bring 5-6 outfits. Your portraits should reflect yourself, just more polite. Choose your favorite outfits. Think of those special pieces that you might not wear often because they are inconvenient for everyday use, or the go-to blouse that you always wear when you go to a nice place.

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