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Why is light important in photos?

Light is essential for seeing and creating images. The word "photograph" stands for "drawing with light". However, we know so much about light that we almost take it for granted. Light is something your eyes are sensitive to, just like your ears relate to sound and language.

To taste. The light reflects the world so that we can see it through our eyes. By selectively using light, you can display certain aspects of a topic in front of the camera and remove others. Visual information is transmitted as modulated light via the camera lens on the photographic equipment, and the light reflected by the result (printing), allows us to see and appreciate it.

At this stage, the light reflected on this page carries the form of words in your eyes, just like sound would. The light moves in a straight line, but as in waves, as the external movement of ripples when a smooth water surface is disturbed. Make the connection if we say anything.

What does light mean? Visible light is an energy current that irradiates. The sun or a similar source of light. The program has four key features:

  • Light behaves as if it were moving in waves, like waves going through the surface of the water. Changes in wavelength give our eyes the feeling of different colors.

  • The light is moving in a straight line. You can see it in the rays of light and the rays of the sun, and how shadows fall.

  • Light is traveling at high speed. It moves less quickly in the air, and a little more slowly in denser substances like water or glass. The brighter the light, the greater the number of photons.

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